Omni AirMax 5G10

Omni AirMax 5G10
Omni AirMax 5G10
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Omni AirMax 5G10 

Intensify wireless signal across multiple devices, networks, and users with a 5GHz dual polarity omnidirectional Omni AirMax 5G10 outdoor antenna. 

Powerful Antenna 

The Omni Airmax 5G10 features a dual polarity omnidirectional antenna for a wider coverage and more support to a variety of devices and networks. When paired with the RocketM radio (which is sold separately), you can now create a circumferential omnidirectional base station. The antenna also runs with a comprehensive software suite that lets you monitor the throughput and noise and allocate throughput depending on the activity and the user, among other functions. 

Physical Strength and Longevity 

There are outdoor antennas that perform well until they are faced with harsher environmental conditions. Then they become flimsy. The Omni Airmax 5G10 is physically strong at the outset. It has its own universal pole mount, which keeps it steady, and a bracket for seamless and secure connection to the RocketM radio. The RF jumpers are weatherproof. It can sustain up to 125 mph wind speed, which is basically saying this is still dependable even during hurricanes, with a wind loading of 10 pounds per 100 mph. So you can avoid device failure, you can use TOUGHCable. 

More Reliable Internet Signal 

At 5GHz, this definitely has a lower range than 2.4GHz. But in exchange you get a much clearer frequency and broadcast as it’s usually free of any interference you may pick up from devices such as Bluetooth and computers that normally run a 2.4GHz. Moreover, when you use the Omni Airmax 5G10, you can boost the gain to as much as 10dbi, which is a sign of great signal strength. Moreover, the frequency range can already be from 5.55 to 5.85 GHz. This antenna simply lets you enjoy Internet more as you can go beyond e-mailing and browsing. You can now incorporate media streaming, VOIP, and hard-core gaming because of a more reliable throughput.

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