RouterBoard 411AH

RouterBoard 411AH
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RouterBoard 433UL 

Do you really have to spend a lot of money for a router board? The answer is no. If your needs are pretty basic (with less video and other media streaming), you can already go for one that doesn’t disappoint: RouterBoard 433UL. 

Basic Features 

The RouterBoard 433UL is fitted with basic but necessary features so you can get your system up and running. It comes with 64MB DDR SDRAM and 3 mini PCI slots for easy expansion just in case you want to add some multimedia applications in the future. There’s a voltage monitor to prevent sudden change in electric power that can cause damage not only to the router board but most importantly to the core processor. It also has a reset switch. 

This also comes with a 3 Ethernet ports for 10/100 mbps. These aren’t Gigabit Ethernet ports, but they are definitely enough if your Internet habits are quite simple or you don’t spend too much time watching videos and playing hard core games. It has a dimension of 105 by 154mm, making it sleek and compact. 

Reliable Processor 

The RouterBoard 433UL makes use of the AR7130 Atheros core processor. It belongs to the Atheros 7100 series that is a low-cost but effective and reliable performance solution for anyone who needs good Internet. It works on 802.11 b/g and 802.11 a/b/g standards and allows the router board to function as an access point. The AR7130 has a 300 MHz which is considered sufficient to meet the needed power for processing different kinds of data. The addition of the USB ports lets you share printers and other devices wirelessly. It also gives great support for both voice and audio applications. 

The RouterBoard 433UL runs on RouteOS 4, which can be upgraded to version 6.x without additional cost at your end. Configuration of the router board is also fully supported by the developer up to 15 days.

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