SextantG 5HPnD

SextantG 5HPnD
SextantG 5HPnD
Brand: MikroTik
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SextantG 5HPnD 

When you get the SextantG 5HPnD, you’re actually hitting two birds in one stone. Besides the antenna, you can also take advantage of the built-in router, which is RB911G-5HPnD. This is great news for you since it means both of these systems have been designed to work with each other perfectly. The antenna is so easy to deploy, and both are convenient to manage or modify depending on your wireless needs and preferences. 


The gist of the SextantG-5HPnD is definitely being a powerful antenna that doesn’t require a lot of electrical output. This way, you’ll be able to use both of these devices regularly or even for the entire 24 hours without worrying about the increase in the utility bills. 

As for the technical specifications, the SextantG-5HPnD isn’t too different from its relative, which is Sextant 5HPnD. It still enjoys a high gain of 18dBi, so it covers a very big area or has a long coverage. Both the antenna and the router are great to implement in places with many barriers such as floors and ceilings. It also has a high output power, which is up to 30dBm, so you’re able to maintain its throughput despite the distance. 

The antenna runs on AR7242 CPU with a speed of 600MHz. It also runs on 32MB RAM with a LAN port. This time, though, it’s already Gigabit Ethernet, so you can entertain more devices that require more power as well as deliver faster Internet. 

The SextantG 5HPnD makes use of 2x2 MIMO technology. 


The SextantG 5HPnD, like the Sextant 5HnD, is operating on RouterOS level 3, which introduces 200 slots for various tunnels and unlimited VLAN interfaces. It is also compatible with various routing protocols. You can also take advantage of more advanced features by upgrading the system to RouterOS L6. 

The Sextant 5HnD is currently using the RouterOS L3, which is its pre-installed operating system. You can keep the OS during the lifetime of the device or choose to upgrade to a more recent OS, which is version 6.x (you need to buy this separately). Nevertheless, running license 3 already allows you to create a wireless client or bridge. You can also support some of the popular routing protocols as well as tunnels such as PPPoE, PPTP, and L2TP, which are all provided with 200 slots. You also enjoy unlimited VLAN interfaces so you can build networks at different locations and run a RADIUS client, providing 1 for hotspot active user.

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