SXT sixpack

SXT sixpack
SXT sixpack
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SXT Sixpack 

All the parts you see in SXT sixpack have been designed to withstand the harshest environmental conditions. This is considered extremely important since the various wireless radio devices and their accessories may have to be placed in the outdoors, where they are very much exposed to now-changing climates. They are made of tough enclosures and the cables are properly covered. Moreover, the components are created to work at extreme temperature, such as between -30 degrees Celsius and 70 degrees Celsius. 

Omnidirectional Antenna 

The antennas included in the SXT sixpack are omnidirectional, which means they are able to pick up and transmit Internet signals at different directions. In the process you’re able to capture a very wide space at one time. Moreover, the broadcast is further enhanced since you have 5 of them to set up. All of these also work on SXT wireless devices and other technologies that are compatible with 802.11a/n. They operate at 5GHz frequency. 

The SXT sixpack currently runs on AR7100 with a RouterOS operating system. It supports TDMA protocol, which means the entire system is scalable, versatile, or manageable depending on your present wireless needs or networking preferences. You can also have more control as to the allocation of the bandwidth, the speed of the Internet, and the latency. 

Network Deployment 

Building your network has become easy in a lot of ways. For one, you already have everything you need. The package has more than 5 antennas that you can set up so easily as they are designed to work with the existing network technologies. Further, there are 5 LAN and 1 USB ports for quick connection with other devices. 


The biggest advantage of buying SXT sixpack is you can get the necessary antennas and SXT outdoor wireless device for a very affordable price—thus, you can build a low-cost outdoor wireless network.

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