RocketDish 2G24

RocketDish 2G24
RocketDish 2G24
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RocketDish 2G24 

The various Rocket M devices have been designed for seamless, reliable, and cost-effective wireless connectivity over a large area. However, sometimes the throughput needs a little boost. A great option is to attach a RocketDish 2G24 parabolic antenna. 

Antenna Specifications 

The RocketDish 2G24 is truly cut out for improving your current bridging solutiosn. It is a parabolic antenna that is known for its high directivity. It therefore focuses whatever signal it receives or transit to a particular location, allowing two bridged networks located at various places to communicate properly. It’s also a dual-polarity device that has a narrow beam width of 3.8 degrees, for both horizontal and vertical polarization, allowing it to have very high gains or long reach (24dBi). It works at a frequency between 2.3 and 2.7GHz and at an F/B ratio of -50 dB. The cross-pol isolation rate is 35dB minimum. 


The parabolic antenna has a dimension of 648mm for its diameter and weighs 9.8 kg. It is designed to complement other Rocket antennas and base stations that are using AirMax. For you to install it, you simply need to snap it to its rightful place. All the things you need such as the pole mounting kit are already included in the package. There’s also a bracket to keep the dish in place and weatherproof RF jumpers that prevent any untoward damage on the antenna’s components. The wind survivability rate of the antenna is 120 miles per hour while the wind load is 113 pounds for every 100 miles per hour. 


Despite the complexity of the design and use, the RocketDish 2G24 is a very reasonably priced device, making it truly a practical solution for wireless networking, especially if you want to create a stronger bridge among the network devices. You can also choose to add this only when you’re ready or you find it necessary to improve your bridging solution.


Operating Frequency: 2.3-2.7 GHz
Gain: 24 dBi
Polarization: Dual Linear
Dimensions: 648 mm diameter
Weight: 9.8 kg

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