Sector Titanium V2G-Ti

Sector Titanium V2G-Ti
Sector Titanium V2G-Ti
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Sector Titanium V2G-Ti 

The Sector Titanium V2G-Ti antenna is an advanced carrier-class networking technology. Thus, it isn’t only superior than the other types of antennas, but it’s also very flexible and reliable. When you’re looking for an antenna that can support potential or future technologies, this is the one that you should consider investing in. 

Works with Other Devices 

The antenna has been designed to be very easy to integrate into your existing network, especially if you’re using RocketM Titanium base stations. The antenna is quick to install as you normally have to snap it at the back of the base station. There are also some brackets and mounting poles to fully secure the antenna in its place. By attaching the antenna, you can then create other kinds of network topologies such as a point-to-multipoint link when you need to distribute the Internet throughput to multiple devices and users. You can also create a point-to-point link with it, particularly if you’re dealing with networks located at different places. Based on studies, you can increase the performance of networks up to 20 percent. 

With AirMax Technology 

The Sector Titanium V2G-Ti antenna makes use of various advanced features such as support for the AirMax technology. With its TDMA protocol, you can make the entire wireless platform scalable and versatile. You can have more control on the bandwidth, allocation, and latency. The AirMax technology helps you maintain the desired throughput or Internet performance. With it you can extend your reach to around 50 kilometers at a frequency of about 2.4GHz. 

Adjustable Beam Width 

The Sector Titanium V2G-Ti antenna is adjustable. You can change their beam width configuration depending on your current needs or preferences. The served angles are 60 degrees, 90 degrees, and 120 degrees. Based on these angles, the gain falls between 15 and 17 dBi. The elevation down tilt is 4 degrees while the cross-pol isolation is 25dB.

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