Sector AirMax 9M13

Sector AirMax 9M13
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Sector AirMax 9M13 

Rocket M900 has found a perfect partner: Sector AirMax 9M13. 

Excellent Stability 

The Sector AirMax 9M13 antenna is definitely meant for the outdoors. It has a well-built enclosure that makes it more durable and protective of the more sensitive components. The package includes a rocket mount that keeps the antenna very steady and has weatherproof RF jumpers that help reduce potential irreparable damage. It has a good wind load as well of 160 miles per hour. It should remain steady therefore even if there is a storm within the area. 

High Gain, Superior Performance 

The sector antenna is a high-gain device, with a range of 13 dBi, which means the stability and reliability of the Internet coverage and speed are commendable. It also possesses excellent beam width that allows it to broadcast or transmit signals at a wider coverage. To be specific, it has a cross-pol isolation rate of minimum 30dB and H-pol beam width of 109 degrees at 6dB and V-pol beam width of 120 degrees. The elevation beam width is 15 degrees. You won’t have any problem providing wireless network and connection in close offices, buildings with multiple floors, as well as small neighborhoods and campuses. 

Ease of Installation and Use 

The dual-polarity Sector AirMax 9M13 antenna is one of the perfect networking devices to be used by non-IT professionals or wireless technology novices. This is very easy to set up and even dismantle, should you want to move it to a new unit or change the sector antenna itself. It attaches itself directly to compatible AirMax technologies. You snap it, and you’re basically done. You can forget about using complicated tools. 

Flexible Network 

This sector antenna can be paired with Rocket M900, which is also compatible with several AirMax base stations, allowing you to create the best network topology.

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