Omni AirMax 2G10

Omni AirMax 2G10
Omni AirMax 2G10
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Omni AirMax 2G10 

Managing a very complex networking, improving Interne connection, and connecting users is made easier with the outdoor Omni Airmax 2G10. 

AirMax Technology 

The Omni Airmax 2G10 makes use of a revolutionary technology that greatly helps in maintaining quality throughput for all users and devices. It has a range between 2.35 and 2.55 GHz with a gain 10dBi. But more than that, it has an easy-to-use QoS priority system to properly determine functions that require higher Internet capacity and identify and reduce noise signals. This also allows the system to be scalable and is thus perfect for a small enterprise or homes with multiple Internet users. 

Easy Installation and Integration 

The device has been designed so you can easily integrate it into your network, how complex it may be. You simply have to attach this to the Rocket M radio, modify the configuration settings, and you’re already good to go. At 217 by 123 by 1,011 mm, this is a pretty handy device as well. 

Dual Polarity Omnidirectional Antenna 

As a dual polarity antenna, the Omni AirMax 2G10 is designed to enhance broadcast of Internet signals, making them more high speed and ideal for functions that require more bandwidth and data rate such as HD video streaming and using VOIP such as Skype. It also allows you to handle high density or traffic, so you can connect multiple devices and users, even with various IP addresses. On the other hand, as an omnidirectional antenna, the broadcast is uniform at a downtilt of 4 degrees to 2 degrees. 

Robust Design 

The Omni AirMax 2G10 is not only reliable and powerful when it comes to function, but it’s also designed to be physically strong. It comes with a bracket that fits the Rocket M radio perfectly as well as a universal mount for the pole, and has a wind survivability rate of 125 mph. The wind load is around 28 pounds to 38 pounds per 100 mph. The RF jumpers, which are included in the package, are also weatherproof.

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