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Sector AirMax 9M13
Sector AirMax 9M13  Rocket M900 has found a perfect partner: Sector AirMax 9M13.  Ex..
USD 179.00
Sector Titanium V2G-Ti
Sector Titanium V2G-Ti  The Sector Titanium V2G-Ti antenna is an advanced carrier-class netw..
USD 233.00
Sector Titanium V5G-Ti
Sector Titanium V5G-Ti  The Sector Titanium V5G-Ti antenna is one of the most effective base..
USD 202.00
Sector Titanium V5G-Ti Mid-Gain
Sector Titanium V5G-Ti Mid-Gain  The Sector Titanium V5G-Ti Mid-Gain Mid-Gain antenna is one..
USD 153.00
ToughCable Carrier
ToughCable Carrier  Keeping your home or office network securely protected from many of the ..
USD 170.00
ToughCable Connectors
ToughCable Connectors  It doesn’t matter how intricate or well-planned the network plans are..
USD 46.00
ToughCable Connectors Ground
TOUGHCable Connectors: Specifically designed for use with Ubiquiti TOUGHCables and available in 20-p..
USD 18.00
ToughCable Pro
ToughCable Pro  Everybody wants to have their home or office network well protected from the..
USD 130.00
ToughSwitch PoE
ToughSwitch PoE  The quality of the device is very important considering that the cables are..
USD 84.00
ToughSwitch PoE Carrier
ToughSwitch PoE Carrier  The ToughSwitch PoE Carrier can be used alongside a wide variety of..
USD 367.00
ToughSwitch PoE Pro
TOUGHSwitch PoE Pro  Ubiquiti Networks Inc. has always been consistent with their proprietar..
USD 163.00
Introducing the EdgeRouter™ Lite from Ubiquiti Networks, part of the EdgeMAX™ series. Housed in a co..
USD 85.00
Ubiquiti POE-15
USD 8.00
Ubiquiti POE-24
Specifications Output Voltage 24 V Output Rating 1A (18W) Input Voltage AC 100~240V Input Freq..
USD 12.00
Ubiquiti POE-24 Gigabit
Specifications Output Voltage 24V Output Rating 0.5A (12W) Input Voltage AC 100~240V Input Fre..
USD 13.00
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